Internship Experience: Harvard’s MCO (Molecules, Cells & Organisms) Summer Internship Program

(Harvard University News) – Carolina Salguero, a native of Bogota, Colombia, is a second year graduate student at Harvard’s MCO (Molecules, Cells & Organisms) training program, a current recipient of National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, and a co-author of a research article published in the prestigious Nature magazine.

Looking back at how she has traveled this far, it is clear to Carolina that the ten weeks she spent as an undergraduate summer intern in Prof. Victoria D’Souza’s laboratory in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology had changed everything.

“The internship opened Harvard’s doors to my dedication and passion for science”, recalls Carolina. “Being accepted to the summer program not only marked the beginning of my scientific research career, but it was also the chance that I had waited for all my life. I knew that being part of the internship was a once in a lifetime opportunity that could take me one step closer to getting accepted to graduate school”.

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