Sorenson Fellows 2013

School Profile: Sorensen Fellowship at Brandeis University

The Sorensen Fellowship offers a $4,000 stipend to put social justice into action through a three-part experience:

Spring: Students take a course of their choosing as academic preparation for their internship.

Summer: Students intern in the organization of their choice, anywhere in the world. Students tackle issues of international importance like coexistence, human rights, international law, hunger relief, gender equality, development, education, global health, AIDS prevention, refugee assistance, or other issues.

Fall: Students take a course with the other Fellows to reflect and write about the internship experience.

The Sorensen Fellowship is overseen by the International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life whose mission is to develop effective responses to conflict and injustice by offering innovative approaches to coexistence, strengthening the work of international courts, and encouraging ethical practice in civic and professional life.

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