School Profile: Purdue’s Krannert Impact Summer Internship Program

(Krannert Student Life Blog) – Thanks to the generous support of the Krannert Net Impact Club (through their fundraising events), and other donors, provides financial assistance to first-year students who pursue summer internships with nonprofit organizations and public agencies.

The Impact Summer Internship Program enables first year business graduate students to learn about the rewards and challenges of social sector management without making a significant financial sacrifice. In addition, the program enables organizations that otherwise could not afford to hire business graduate student interns to benefit from students’ expertise in areas such as finance, management consulting, strategic planning and marketing.

The program seeks to supplement the often below-market salaries offered by nonprofit and government agencies. Students who are selected for the Impact Summer Internship Program receive up to $400 per week to match the stipends provided by their summer employers. The maximum award from the Impact Summer Internship Fund is $4,000 per participant per summer, with the amount awarded to each student dependent upon their other compensation as well as availability of and demand for funding.

To learn more and see if you might be eligible, email for a full program description. If you have any questions, please contact Net Impact president.

HOW TO APPLY: (support for nonprofit or government internships)

If you have an offer you intend to accept: Complete the application and submit it to Net Impact as soon as possible, or by March 22. Funding decisions are made 2-3 weeks after the application deadline.

If you do not have an offer by March 22: Complete the pre-application: so the funding committee knows you intend to apply for assistance. When you have an internship offer you plan to accept, you can update your application and be considered for funding by completing the full application, linked here.

All applications (including completed online application and email submission of a short essay, resume, and offer letter) should be completed and submitted as soon as possible, or by March 22, 2013, which is the final date to apply for the Impact Summer Internship Program. All students wanting to be considered for funding must complete the application (or pre-application if internship is not yet secured) by March 22.