Carnegie Energy Innovation at the Carnegie Institution for Science’s Department of Global Ecology on the Stanford University campus is looking for an enthusiastic and dedicated undergraduate student as part of a multi-institutional project to look at the coupled climate and air quality impacts of long-lived versus short-lived air pollutants using global climate models.

The summer researcher will process, analyze, and visualize global climate model output related to the role that short-lived air pollutants play in the climate and air quality of several major economies. Internship activities will include developing computer code to process climate model data; visualizing and analyzing climate model results; preparing scientific presentations; and carefully documenting all processing and analysis.

About Carnegie Energy Innovation

We aim to help facilitate a transition to a near-zero emission energy system, and protect environmental assets.

We attempt to achieve these goals by conducting scientific and technical investigations into energy systems and their interactions with the environment. We work to communicate our findings to people who can make or influence decisions.

While evaluating efficacy and unintended consequences of proposed solutions to climate and energy problems is our core focus, the scope of our research includes related basic climate and environmental research.

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