Intern with a Primate Sanctuary in Maui, Hawaii

We provide refuge and rehabilitation, creating naturalistic habitats where displaced primates can recover and form social groups. The monkeys are nurtured with dedicated care and provided an abundance of organically grown food and forage in an ideal subtropical climate.

As part of our zoological horticulture project, we propagate plants indigenous to subtropical rain forests, many related to the plants found in the monkeys’ native habitats.

This is a unique immersion program, facilitating learning about New World primates and animal sanctuary management on an intimate, in depth, all encompassing level.

Training is tailored for each Intern and progress is evaluated at each stage of instruction. The Intern is awarded Primary Animal Caregiver Certification by senior personnel, after successfully acquiring a high level of competence, skill, and expertise in primate care, record keeping, and facility management.

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