Arts Internship in Oaxaca, Mexico

This program is meant to be 50% work experience and 50% cultural / language acquisition and immersion.

Opportunities include:

- Contemporary & Mexican folk art gallery

- Contemporary and Mexican folk art studio and classes

- Graphic arts museum, library and art events

- Center for Human Rights – teaching music and painting workshops in communities in order to teach basic human rights

- Oaxacan artist women’s cooperative store.

- Teaching English to Artisans dedicated to the creation of wood carving figures and helping with the marketing of their works.

- Restoration project of wall paintings (murals) in a XVIII century church 20 minutes from Oaxaca City – good hand-skills and patience required.

- Help in the daily activities of a natural dyes and cochineal center, 20 minutes from Oaxaca City. Candidates will work in the lab, in the field with plants and insects (taking care and harvesting), dying workshops and organization of large annual events (November)

Get the details on location, prices, what’s included, volunteer activities, the sponsoring organization, how to apply and more!

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